Description: Dubbed the “living room of the homeless,” Listening House is a day shelter and community center providing hospitality, practical assistance and guidance to men and women who are disadvantaged, homeless or lonely.

People in transition or crisis feel isolated and need a welcoming space where they can feel connected and accepted. We strive to create a safe environment that supports people going through change, knowing we are not change-makers and that lasting change must come from within. We accept people where they’re at; set expectations for courteous, lawful behavior and help them plan a course forward.

A basic safety net of services includes hygiene products, clothing, message delivery, telephone use, haircuts, foot care (including socks/shoes/boots) and essential first aide. Onsite partner professionals consist of mental and chemical health outreach teams, housing advocates, chiropractic care, medical screening and veteran’s assistance.

Listening House serves 40 to 140 people daily.