Description: Is a county based resource for families who are in need of cash quickly for an emergency with their home or utility bills. Can also be used to pay your security deposit.

Who is Eligible: If a person has used at least 50% of their income to pay basic needs in the past 60 days or if they are in danger of being evicted and they haven’t used this resource yet this year.

Application Process: Contact your local county to fill out the application. You will need a letter from landlord stating eviction or that will be evicted if amount is not paid. Proof that they have spent at least 50% of their income on basic needs in t he past 60 days (i.e. rent, food, medical). Proof that if paid, the situation will not reoccur (i.e. more income coming into household, situational basic needs, crisis, etc.)

Contact Information: Ramsey County residents call (651) 266-4444 Washington County residents call (651) 430-6455