Description: This is a payment plan that you can set up with your utility so your utilities will not be turned off. As long as you keep to the payment plan, you’re protected. All natural gas and electric utilities must follow some level of the Cold Weather Rule. Delivered fuels, such as fuel oil, propane and wood, are not covered by the CWR. If you need electricity to keep your heat on, you may apply for the CWR with your electric company.

Who is Eligible: Anyone is eligible, as long as the resident contacts the utility and sticks to the payment plan. If the household income is at or below 50 percent of the state median income ($22,694 for one person), you are not required to pay more than ten percent of your household monthly income. If the household income is more than 50 percent of the state median income, you may make a payment plan with the utility.

Application Process: Call your utility provider’s number to request the Cold Weather Protection Rule and to set up a Payment Plan. Available October 15-April 15

Contact Information: Phone- 612-372-4680 (Centerpoint Energy) Phone- 1-800-331-5262 (Xcel Energy)