Charting the Course for Success

Posted by Cathleen Wiberg at 4/7/2016

District 622 is developing a new strategic plan. We last engaged in a strategic planning process 2008. That plan was refined in 2011. A lot has changed in the eight years since our last plan was created. We have seen changes in demographics, graduation requirements, and district programming.


In order to prepare for a strategic planning process, we began to engage with a variety of stakeholder groups to guide the development of the process. Focus groups that have met thus far to provide input include: School Board members, reps from various labor unions, teacher leaders, principals, cabinet, and Advisory (parents, community representatives, and staff).


To keep everyone informed throughout this process I want to share with you the themes that have emerged from initial conversations.


Principles to Guide Strategic Planning Process

  • Engage multiple perspectives representative of our community population
  • Ensure input from all staff within the work day; create safe spaces for authentic input
  • Clear decision-making process with roles of various stakeholders clearly communicated
  • Recognize/celebrate success and what is working


Principles to Guide the Strategic Plan Product

  • Keep the focus narrow . . . we can’t do it all
  • Keep the focus on the needs of current and future students
  • Unique to 622, capitalizing on our strengths, creating/reflecting our identity
  • Measurable
  • Can be used as a decision-making tool


Principles to Guide Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Action plans are aligned to the vision, goals, and strategies
  • Continuous improvement – ongoing monitoring and adjusting of goals, strategies, and action plans
  • Ongoing two-way communication between stakeholders and decision makers
  • Courage to release things we have done for years; “Let it go!”
  • Clear roles and accountability


Please contact me if you have any questions.