Unpacking the newly drafted core values for District 622

Posted by Cathleen Wiberg at 10/3/2016

This fall our staff have begun “unpacking.”  No, we haven’t moved.  Rather, we are unpacking the newly drafted core values for District 622.   Last spring District 622 brought together a diverse group of staff, students, and community members to draft a new strategic plan.  The foundation for that work was identifying the core values of the district.  Over the course of more than a day of dialogue the team drafted these seven core values:


  • We believe that Strong communities are inclusive and value diversity.
  • We believe that Trust and transparency are essential to healthy and enduring relationships.
  • We believe that Continuous learning and service to others are imperative to individual and community progress.
  • We believe that Individuals learn and thrive through connections in a safe, caring, and supportive environment.
  • We believe that Every individual has incredible potential and equal intrinsic value.
  • We believe that High expectations with appropriate supports result in growth.
  • We believe that School, family, and community partnerships enhance and support learning.



During workshop week before the start of school all staff were invited to an “unpacking” session.  Staff individually reflected on the core values, talked in groups about what we need to start doing, keep doing, and stop doing in order to live our District values, and then considered what action they would take individually and as sites.

These values were the foundation to the other elements of the strategic plan: Mission, Mission Outcomes, and Strategies.  They will guide our decisions in the years to come.

It is my hope that you see your own values reflected here and see yourself as part of the District 622 community, committed to developing and empowering lifelong learners to thrive in diverse communities.